Ebb 竹吉他

    國 家/臺灣
    年 份/2013
    材 質/竹片、竹板、楓木、紫檀、藤心
    尺 寸/96×32×11 cm
    Designer:Zhang, Cheng En
    Material:Bamboo chips,bamboo board, maple,sandalwood, rattan
    The artist makes use of traditional and industrial processing methods to manufacture the guitar. This work tries to explore the possibility that bamboo may replace traditional sounded wood and reduce forest development and the waste of wood. It is elastic and durable when taking bamboo sheet as the panel of guitar; meanwhile it can produce loud sound and is able to resist the strength of steel guitar cord. With precise arrangement and shape of bamboo sheets, they are curved and adhered on a 3D model, creating a space where sounds resonate inside.
    展出時間: 2017/3/29–7/16 09:30–17:30

    地  址: 10066 臺北市中正區南海路 41 號
    電  話: 02-2388-7066
    Duration:2017/3/29–7/16 09:30–17:30
    (Monday Closed, except the National Holidays)
    Address:No.41, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei city 10066, Taiwan (R.O.C.)