國 家/日本
    年 份/2009
    材 質/竹、籐
    尺 寸/40x35x41 cm
    Designer:Hajime Nakatomi
    Material:Bamboo, rattan
    Size:40x35x41 cm
    PRISM是由全部同形狀的竹的部份材料作成,因有造形的高自由度和發展性,故可因應設置空間來做形體和大小的製作,部份材料使用大分縣的真竹並加施以染色含上漆,再以籐作為接續。作者中臣一大學畢業後,即在日本唯一的公立竹工藝教育研究機関─「大分県竹工芸・訓練支援中心」學習2年基礎,修習結束即師事於竹藝家本田聖流先生。目前的創作多元,可橫跨實用物件與裝置(object),亦參與多項國內外展出。在2005年愛知萬國博覽會中,曾參與Food Court天棚的共同製作。
    PRISM consists of stained and colored bamboo from Oita, Japan and rattan is made of a bunch of similar shape bamboo which have an inherent strength and flexibility enable the craft to be created in various sizes and shapes.

    The author, Nakatomi creates many different kinds of crafts of utensils or art objects. He has been invited to join many exhibitions around the world as well as the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan in which he was the co-designer of “Food Court”.
    展出時間: 2017/3/29–7/16 09:30–17:30

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    Duration:2017/3/29–7/16 09:30–17:30
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