P-001 手電筒 | Flashlight
    國 家/臺灣
    設 計/和碩聯合科技股份有限公司
    材 質/桂竹
    尺 寸/2.65x13 cm
    Material:Makino bamboo
    Flashlight is a functional daily device; while bamboo is a fast-growing natural material which you can largely take it from the forest. Torch utilizes the natural round tubing shape of bamboo. The designer chooses the appropriate diameter to maintain the touch and accommodate battery placement, and further arranging position of the handle according to its curve and at the natural bamboo joint. Through carbonizing technology, the bamboo is able to overcome its physical limit and meet the requirement of flashlight for its durability and preservation time and present a unique texture and color.
    展出時間: 2017/3/29–7/16 09:30–17:30

    地  址: 10066 臺北市中正區南海路 41 號
    電  話: 02-2388-7066
    Duration:2017/3/29–7/16 09:30–17:30
    (Monday Closed, except the National Holidays)
    Address:No.41, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei city 10066, Taiwan (R.O.C.)